Catholic Photography

One unique asset of Nick’s photography experience is Catholic photography. He is experienced in shooting many kinds of Catholic rituals such as: Extraordinary and Ordinary Form Masses, Holy Hours, Paschal Triduum services, processions, Divine Liturgies, and more.

Shooting for Catholic events requires skills in low-light situations, not disturbing the event while also shooting effectively, and preparing important information for each shoot.

Sports & Action

Nick has experience shooting baseball, football, volleyball, rugby, and rodeos.

Philmont Scout Ranch

Nick worked at Philmont as a photographer during the 2018 Ute Park wildfire. The
wildfire severely damaged the ranch, prompting the first closing of
the ranch in its history.

Nick went back in 2021 as the Photography Manager. He was
responsible for coordinating roughly 100+ assignments to cover all major ranch programming.

Weddings & Engagements

Nick has experience shooting weddings and engagement photos.


Nick has experience shooting a wide variety of events in various conditions,
including behind the scenes at TV and film shoots, music performances,
Sweet 16s, and more.

Photo Shoots

Nick has done a variety of photo shoots including headshots, family photo
shoots, and portraits.

Kellenberg Memorial High School

Nick is a graduate of Kellenberg Memorial. As a student, he was a student leader in the ETV/Technical Services club for all four years of high school. Upon completing his senior year, he was hired on the technical staff and worked there for three years.

He worked in photography, social media marketing, video production, live sound, and various other technical needs. During his seven years at Kellenberg Memorial, he played a pivotal role in developing the school’s media structure.

Hofstra University

As a student photographer during college, Nick shots events at Hofstra University – including Commencement Exercises.

Real Estate

Nick shot photos of houses for Northern Contracting.

Photo Archiving

While working at Notre Dame, Nick was able to contact a former parishioner
whose father photographed the construction and dedication of the church. Nick
organized the photos create a photo archive the parish.